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Recently I’ve been spending time on this enjoyable minigame which you can find in the middle-deep wildy and I saw many people that just didn’t know what it was or what you could do there. Well, as a tribute to all of you DIYers and also all the people from RuneScape, I have decided to write a guide on Clan Wars, explaining the purpose of the minigame, the best strategies, a short clan guide and featuring RS pictures of it (adding them soon). This is my point of view of Clan Wars and I hope that the most of you have the same opinions as me.


The Clan Wars minigame is located in the lvls 18-20 wildy, just west of the big lava river and north of the ghost house. I suggest you use a games necklage to teleport there, in case you don’t have one I’ll explain the route. There are 2 ways to get there, the ‘safe’ way and the ‘quick’ way. Both of them have been tested by me several times and I can present them to you now:

Safe way: (picutre will be added soon)

You start in Edgeville, running north until you are half of the way to Bounty Hunter, take a north-east route until you reach the cemitery. Don’t go through it, go north from it about 1-2 lvls above it. Then, take the south-eastern route and you will get to the northern entrance of the Clan Wars building. You recognize it easy because of the many people inside and the red star of the minigames.
Runs: 19
Revenants found: 1
Safety: 95%

Quick way: (picture will be added soon)

You draw a line from the Clan Wars wars arena down and you start from that point somewhere in between Edgeville and Varrock, running north.
Runs: 21
Revenants found:6
Safety: 72.5%

user posted image

Notes: Mostly orc revenants. Take food and d’hide if you are running. I suggest you to use the games necklage as its safer and quicker. When you see a revenant DON’T log out, because if you login you have the chance of a revenant attacking you while you’re in the login screen.


Clan Wars is about clans fighting other clans and entertainment. Isn’t it? Well, that’s just half of the truth. Since the PK update with Bounty Hunter, many people have been leaving RuneScape, the others spend their time in Clan Wars. But, do they know how Clan Wars is structured? Of course, everyone does. But, what is a good clan? How do you recognize a good clan? Is it because it’s 90+ or is it because you get a general rank? I am a lv92 in RuneScape and I am going to describe to you the ‘perfect’ clan.

A very important factor. If you see the leader of the clan adertising, make sure that other clan members are too, if not, don’t join it. It is often a lack of interest in helping the clan, and those members are probably the ones that interfer in 1v1’s, attack when everyone stays back and don’t follow the clan rules. Furthermore, a good clan has to work together, not ‘everyone has his own strategy’. About strategies later.

2.Number of people:
If you are the same lvl as me, or 80+, you will most likely hate numberous clans, as it is just piling and you can’t have a good fight. But, for low lvls such as 40,50,60, I suggest you to join bigger clans because you will be kicked in 80+’s and 90+’s. Also, I hate clans that have 20+ people because they are unorganized and just strong because of their numbers. A 5-people 100+ clan can easily own a 20 people 30-80lv clan.

This is the most important thing in Clan Wars if you are not in a piling/numerous clan. The basic strategy is:
-Rangers behind walls, run around walls if attacked, attack enemy mages
-Mages behind trees or in hiding spots
-Baits (normally lowest lvls) with protect from melee
-Meleers protect mages + attack other rangers
Do not trust in your instincts as the strategy often leads to victory (rhymes omfg wink.gif) As an example, a 5 people 80+ clan can beat a 5 people 100+ clan O_o

Conclusion & Purpose

My rating of Clan Wars is…9/10. Although I would rate it 10/10 if there wouldn’t be the numerous clans >_<! But, now we’ve reached the end of this wonderful guide, I wanted to clear some issues that have been wandering through the minds of thousands of RS players:
-Clan Wars is NOT a replacement for PKing
-Clan Wars is a way to entertain people, based on the system of Castle Wars but w/o flags and stuff like that.
-Clan Wars is open to any player, lv 3-138
-Clan Wars is not supposed to be a mean minigame, it’s more like ‘honour’ fights, so please don’t cry if you have a 80people clan and you lose vs. a 5 people clan. It’s just a (mini-)game wink.gif

I’m looking forward to my next guides smile.gif

user posted image

This guide and all site contents are copyrighted by RuneScape DIY © 2008


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  1. 1 guideguy March 14, 2008 at 2:27 pm

    Doggy I edited the guide with pictures in the forums can you edit it please :)?

  2. 4 Guide December 31, 2015 at 5:36 am

    I love reading through an article that will make men and women think.
    Also, thank you for permitting me to comment!

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